Green Charter

Our commitment to reducing our environmental impact

We, the Stook Committee, are committed to protecting the environment and will ensure our event has a minimum impact on the environment by preventing and segregating waste and promoting sustainable travel. We will encourage runners and supporters to limit their impact on the environment at Stook this year also.
Simon O’Dwyer
on behalf of Stook Committee 2018

The committee has also committed to undertake the following actions: 

1: In association with Refill.ie and supported by Kilkenny County Council and Aldi, water will be provided in reusable tumblers at hydration stations reducing single use plastic waste.
2. Post race drinks will be served in compostable cups.
3. Leftover food, if appropriate, will be delivered to local homeless shelters.
4. Stook will provide bins to encourage the correct segregation of waste thus reducing our contribution to landfill.
5. Refill.ie will operate an information stand supporting people to reduce their dependence on single use plastics.
6. A litter pick will be carried out along the route before and after the race.
We are also asking race participants and supporters to join us in reducing our environmental impact by taking steps in the right direction to create a sustainable road race. This can be done in the following ways:
1. Take time to dispose of waste in the correct bin.
2. Bring your own own reusable bottle or cup on the day.
3. Arrange to car pool with others to the event.